Specialist in functional therapy - dentokinetik


I have been a dentist with enthusiasm since 1993.

With the invention of a uniquely effective system against bedsores of bedridden persons (decubitus), a turning point in my professional engagement began. Since the founding of the MedTech startup "Nocubi" in 2020, I have mainly focused on product development and building up the company.

As a dentist with a passion for this profession, I do not want to end my professional career completely with the knowledge and experience I have gained in 30 years of dentistry. Therefore, I provide here information about my, with great enthusiasm practiced, specialization in dental functional therapy.

For the treatment of complex cases, I further am available for patients at AlpineBiodental and I am glad to be a part of a motivated, professional team.


In craniomandibular dysfunction, there is a discrepancy between the optimal position of the temporomandibular joints and the position of the mandible, which can cause massive disturbances throughout the body.


Dentokinetics is a complex therapy concept that addresses the cause of CMD and offers the prospect of a sustainable cure. Successful therapy significantly and permanently improves the quality of life of patients.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. med. dent. Markus Spalek

1985-1988: Medical School University Innsbruck

1988-1993: Dental School University Heidelberg

1993: Approbation as dentist

1993-1995: Residency in practices in Offices near Heidelberg

1995: Promotion to Dr. med. dent. (DDS) 

1995-2019 Owner of a dental practice in Metzingen, Germany

2019-2020 Dental director of the Swiss Biohealth Clinic, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

2020-today co-founder and CEO Nocubi GmbH, part-time dentist Swiss Biohealth Clinic, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

Advanced training in:
Aesthetic dentistry, prosthetics, functional therapy, periodontology, prophylaxis, implantology, filling therapy, biological dentistry

since 2008: Specialist for functional therapy

since 2019 Specialist in Biological Dentistry

2021 Certification to Posturologe

2021 Co-founder